Demo Note

Welcome to the WCPT PRO ‘Archive Override’ facility demo.

The ‘archive override’ facility will let you easily replace your woocommerce product grids with tables on your archive pages. The archive pages include – Shop, Search, Categories, Tags and Attributes.

You can choose which archive pages will have their grids replaced and with which tables. To demonstrate this, the Hoodies category page is assigned a completely different table layout than other archive pages on this site, while the Tshirts category page is assigned no table at all (it shows the default WC product grid instead).

The archive override facility will run on any theme. Please follow the 2 minute instructions in the docs to enable the feature on your theme. In case of any issues, just reach out for prompt support!

This demo uses very simple table layouts and sample products included in the woocommerce plugin. The site is running a twentysixteen child theme.

For more complex demo table layouts, exploring the potential of this plugin, please visit the main demo page.

The archive override facility is included in the plugin’s PRO version only. Please purchase a license from the PRO shop.